CryoSafe Product Lines

CryoSafe offers a wide range of products that will meet all of your cryogenic needs. Whether you are storing your samples in boxes or canes, CryoSafe's tanks have the capacity range of 210 (2ml) vials all the way to 94,500 (2ml) vials. CryoSafe also offers a wide range of Liquid Dewars and Vapor Shippers. These dewars have a minimum capacity of 4 liters and a maximum capacity of 50 liters. Our Vapor Shippers have a static holding time ranging from 8 days to 85 days. CryoSafe also offers a number of Auto Fill tanks that specialize in large capacity storage and feature a user friendly Protector Plus Controller. Lastly, CryoSafe has a full range of accessories for your new tank including cryogenic boxes and gloves, phase separators, liquid nitrogen transfer hoses, and validation verifications including temp mapping. No matter what cryogenic equipment you need, CryoSafe has the products and support to make sure you get your purchase right every time.