CryoGuard Class (19,500-94,500 2ml Total Vial Capacity)


The CryoGuard Class from CryoSafe has been specifically engineered to provide cryogenic vapor temperatures throughout the tank well below the critical -135°C range. In fact, with only a few inches of liquid, vapor temperatures approaching the actual -196°C temperature of liquid nitrogen can be maintained at the highest shelf. Maintaining temperatures below the glass transition temperature of -135°C helps insure long-term cell viability. The unique restricted-opening neck design with double-hinged lid, brings liquid consumption to one of the lowest rates in the industry.

In vapor phase operation the liquid is also stored out of the inventory storage area helping to eliminate cross contamination issues. The unique inventory holding container is also engineered to maximize the use of 100 cell box/ racks. This feature greatly improves Cryo vial inventory, placement, tracking, and retrieval.