Sample Storage in Boxes (875-7,000 2ml Vial Capacity)

The CryoMizer Class from CryoSafe has been specifically engineered to provide cryogenic vapor temperatures throughout the tank well below the critical -135°C range. In fact, with as little as 2 inches of liquid, vapor temperatures of -185°C or lower can be maintained on the highest shelf. Maintaining temperatures below the glass transition temperature of -135°C helps insure long-term cell viability. The unique fiberglass restricted opening neck design also brings liquid consumption to one of the lowest rates in the industry.

In addition, with the hanging rack design, sample access is achieved without the use of a mechanical "lazy susan". And, vial storage in boxes allows for ease of use and accurate tracking of samples.

Every CryoMizer comes standard with stainless steel racks, a Max Rack, cast aluminum roller base and LN2 measuring ruler. Package systems are available with either plastic or cardboard inventory boxes with grids and cryogloves.

Not sure what CM Series tank you need? See the CM Series capacity chart for additional information.