Model T-Cryo (7,000 2ml Total Vial Capacity)


The new Model T-Cryo now puts the convenience of automatic filling in a size and price range for every laboratory. This unit features the Auto-Tend controller and alarm providing LN2 level control and audible/ visual alarms with remote contacts for security. The unique fiberglass restricted-opening neck design reduces LN2 consumption rates far below other auto-filling units. In fact, under laboratory testing providing one opening, per day, The Model T-Cryo operated and maintained "cryogenic temperatures" for over a month on one 160-liter LN2 supplytank. Competitive units can consume three or four per month. The Model T-Cryo has also been specifically engineered to provide cryogenic vapor temperatures throughout the tank well below the critical -135°C range. With as little as two inches of liquid, vapor temperatures of -185°C or lower can be maintained on the highest shelf. The convenient hanging rack design enables easy access to all samples without the use of a mechanical "lazy susan". The Model T-Cryo is the economical auto-fill for every lab.