suc-1LG suc-1sm

SUC-1 Racks and Canisters

Product Number: SUC-1 LG, SUC-1 SM

2-place and 8-place SUC-1 Cryo Cane Racks and SUC-1 Cane Canisters keep you organized while also saving space. Our cryo racks are made from stainless steel.
The SUC-1 Square Rack includes storage capability for two or eight SUC-1 canisters. The cryogenic storage rack is used to hold canes in liquid or vapor phase storage.

Model W x D x H  # of
  # of Canes
w/o Sleeves 
  # of Canes
w/ Sleeves
SUC-1 LG   5.6" x 5.6" x 24.75"   8  200 128
SUC-1 SM 2.8" x 3 x 24.8"  2  50 32



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