TCAT 7 CS Ext Image
TCAT 7 CS Ext Image

Model T-Cryo™ with Fiberboard Package System, 7000 Vials

Product Number: T Cat 7 CS

The new T Cat 7  now puts the convenience of automatic filling in a size and price range for every laboratory. The T Cat 7 features the Auto-Tend II liquid nitrogen controller and alarm providing LN2 level control and audible / visual alarms with remote contacts for security.

The unique fiberglass restricted-opening neck design reduces LN2 consumption rates far below other auto-filling units. In fact, under laboratory testing providing one opening, per day, The T Cat 7 operated and maintained “cryogenic temperatures” for over a month on one 165-liter LN2 supply tank. Competitive units can consume three or four per month. The T Cat 7 has also been specifically engineered to provide cryogenic vapor temperatures throughout the tank well below the critical -135°C range. With as little as two inches of liquid, vapor temperatures of -185°C or lower can be maintained on the highest shelf.

The convenient hanging rack design enables easy access to all samples without the use of a mechanical “Lazy Susan”.  Every T Cat 7 CS comes standard with: 6ft. stainless-steel armor-plated transfer hose, 3/5 warranty, PowerGuard™ battery backup, roller base, 70 81/100 cell fiberboard boxes, 7 racks including Max Rack™, and the Auto-Tend II LN2 controller.

  • Stainless steel vacuum tank
  • Liquid Level Measuring Ruler
  • 6 10-2 Hanging Racks (10 Boxes per rack)
  • 1 Max Rack™ (10 Boxes per rack)
  • 70 (81/100 cell) fiberboard boxes and dividers
  • One pair of CryoGloves
  • Cast aluminum roller base
  • Auto-Tend II controller
  • UL-Listed Transformer
  • Fiberglass top
  • 7 in. Foam insulated lid with protective boot & pneumatic lifters
  • Keyed lid lock
  • Full access opening for easy sample placement & retrieval
  • 6 ft. Stainless-steel armor-plated transfer hose
  • Three-year warranty on all parts and labor
  • Five-year vacuum warranty
  • Total Vial Capacity (2ml): 7000
  • Total Bag Capacity (based on Fenwal #4R9953): 154
  • Total Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 165 Liters
  • Static Evaporation Rate: .84 Liters/Day
  • Static Holding Time: 194 Days
  • Box Capacity (81/100 cell 2" tall): 70
  • Rack Capacity (including Max Rack™): 7
  • Boxes Per Rack (81/100 cell 2" tall): 10
  • Neck Diameter (in/mm): 8.5/215.9
  • Internal diameter (in/mm): 39/990.6
  • Overall height (in/mm): 39/990.6
  • Exterior diameter (in/mm): 26.9/683.3
  • Weight full (lbs/kg): 410/185.9
  • Weight empty (lbs/kg): 121/54.9
  • Shipping weight (lbs/kg): 500/226.8
  • Power requirement: 24 VAC

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