APP 1 CS Ext Image
APP 1 CS Ext Image

Protector Plus™ with Fiberboard Package System, 10,400 Vials

Product Number: APP 1 CS

The CryoSafe™ Protector Plus™ Series units offer all the conveniences of an auto fill system in a full access cabinet design. All the Protector Plus™ auto fill units can easily be set to provide safe storage of LN2 in vapor or liquid phase. Sample racks are directly accessible without the use of an internal carousel. All Auto Fill Tanks feature built-in lid locks.

Although providing all of the alarms and controls expected from a modern auto-fill controller, the Protector Plus liquid nitrogen controller and alarm requires no previous experience to set up and use. The Protector Plus includes alarms for high temperature, high and low liquid levels, and low LN2 supply.

Every APP 1 CS package system comes standard with 1 pair of CryoGloves, 7 13-2 Tower Racks, 4 13-2 Mini Tower Racks, 91 81/100 cell fiberboard boxes and dividers, 52 25 cell mini fiberboard boxes and dividers, recessed casters, liquid level measuring ruler, 6ft. stainless-steel armor-plated transfer hose, 3/5 warranty, PowerGuard™ battery backup, keyed lid lock, and the Protector Plus controller.

  • Stainless steel vacuum tank
  • Liquid Level Measuring Ruler
  • 7 13-2 Tower Racks (13 Boxes per rack)
  • 4 13-2 Mini Tower Racks (13 Mini Boxes per rack)
  • 91 (81/100 cell) fiberboard boxes and dividers
  • 52 (25 cell) mini fiberboard boxes and dividers
  • One pair of CryoGloves,
  • Recessed casters
  • Protector Plus controller
  • UL-Listed Transformer
  • Fiberglass top
  • 7 in. Foam insulated lid with protective boot & pneumatic lifters
  • Keyed lid lock
  • Full access opening for easy sample placement & retrieval
  • Leveling platform
  • 6 ft. Stainless-steel armor-plated transfer hose
  • Three-year warranty on all parts and labor
  • Five-year vacuum warranty
  • Total Vial Capacity (2ml): 10,400
  • Total Bag Capacity (based on Fenwal #4R9953): 224
  • Total Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 165 Liters
  • Static Evaporation Rate: 5 Liters/Day
  • Static Holding Time: 33 Days
  • Internal diameter (in/mm): 21/533.4
  • Overall height (in/mm): 44/1117.6
  • Usable height (in/mm): 29/736.6
  • Exterior width (in/mm): 23.1/586.7
  • Exterior depth (in/mm): 30.5/774.7
  • Weight full (lbs/kg): 537/243.6
  • Weight empty (lbs/kg): 245/111.1
  • Shipping weight (lbs/kg): 400/181.4
  • Power requirement: 16.5 VAC
  • Automatic Filling - 7 thermistor sensor for accurate level readings
  • Power Guard - battery back-up system continues full operation for 3-5 days after a power failure
  • Freeze Guard - monitors the filling solenoid valve & takes action to correct a "stuck open" situation
  • Auto-Defog - automatic removal of fog after lid openings
  • Quick-Chill - improves temperature recovery from lid openings
  • Sample & Vapor Temperature Monitoring - two independent temperature probes
  • Direct Liquid Level Reading - +/- 1" direct read from thermistors 
  • Data-Logging - 40,960 events - battery backed to avoid loss of data
  • Alarm test validation
  • RS232 Port
  • Remote alarm contacts
  • Alarms - Low LN2 supply, high temp, sensor error, power failure, remote contacts, lid open, valve open, low LN2 level, and thermocouple open

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